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Bullmastiff - breed amazing. All sources characterize these dogs as a reliable, strong and vigilant. They not only pets! Bullmastiff -this is the brave one, the best for watching and defensive services dog of all known in the world (the count Hollander, march 1911г.). Dog easily taught, meticulously performs all the team trainer. In addition, they may be still and excellent security guards, and both for adults and for children.

Bullmastiff has, in fact, unique character. Every such a dog is not just an animal, a person with their personal characteristics. As if he is aware of his power, and because sometimes it just strikes his fearlessness and confidence. So often it seems that the dog looks at the others as if свысока.наши bullmastiffsall bulmastifs

The strength and the courage of such a dog is also evident in the extreme situation. But in the fight such dogs rarely get involved. Bullmastiff will never be hysterically bark at the passer-by, or on another dog. He never drag host to the opponent, and in principle does not mean a fight first. But if the dog is a competitor still went up, then it is waiting for a lightning and a crushing blow bullmastiff. However, the clash of bullmastiff with another dog called fight hard. Rather, it is simply the suppression of the opponent.

Bullmastiffs are excellent guards, because they are always on the alert. It will alert any, even the most insignificant changes of the situation. He feels the mood and emotions of the person and can easily identify when a person is scared. If the owner does not show concern, and the dog will rest in peace. But if bullmastiff see the master alertness or aggression, then decides to attack. As the guards bullmastiffs have one unique quality: they can at the right time to stop. He will not attack, if a person shows no physical aggression to the owner. A maximum of just roaring. But with the threat of contact bullmastiff will try to prevent the attack.

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